351 Select Horoscopes

Compiled by Rajeshwari Shankar

      Astrology has been introduced in around 14 Indian Universities as a subject to award a degree in graduation and post-graduation, as per the norms of University Grants Commission in the year 2001. Since then, many private organizations have started teaching astrology in various forms.
      Looking to the growing interest of the keen students in astrology, a need was felt to have a compilation of horoscopes of well-known persons. The horoscopes belonging to notable people like Saints, Players, Authors, Astrologers, Politicians, Celebrities—Actors, Directors, Film Makers, Singers, Statesmen, Social reformers and others who created history in their own style are included in this volume. This wide range of horoscopes is useful not only for students but all the research scholars and authors in the field of astrology.
      The presentation of the Horoscopes is wonderful as it is providing the complete horoscope having Panchang, Avakahda Chakra, Vimshottari and Yogini Dasha/Antardashas, Nakshatra and sub-lordships of the planets as well as Bhavas. Lagna Chart, Navamsha Chart and Bhava Chalit (cuspal) Chart. The other amazing feature is that South Indian style is merged with North Indian style of Presentation.
      The book will serve as a referencer to the astrologers at one place and as a work book to the students and research scholars in Astrology all over the world.

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