Accurate Predictive Methodology(Nadi Astrology)

by Umang Taneja

      Astrology, science of all sciences ! How many persons study it? How many understand it? Thereafter, how many can make predictions about various events of life? Astrology has been a science, is a science and will be a science and therefore it should be studied in a scientific way and the latest research confirms this to be a pure science.
      Here is a book in your hand which contains formulae and methodology which is the ultimate in making accurate predictions. It is a must for all beginners and astrologers.
      There are two most important features of astrology, one predicting an event and the second timing of happening of the event. In this book illustrations of natives have been given whose horoscopes have been studied and predictions have been made accordingly. Two horoscopes have been discussed in all the chapters to make the reader understand that the method is capable of handling all the events of life of any native.
      Notable horoscopes of illustrious people have also been discussed in a separate chapter which substantiates the application of the system and the method. Correction of the natal horoscope has also been made possible by applying Ruling Planets and by matching all the past events of the native.

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