Acharya Varahamihira's Brihat Jatak

An Immortal Source Book of Hindu Predictive Astrology
Text with Translation and Notes
by Prof. P S Sastri

      A unique work by India’s greatest astronomer-astrologer Varahmihira. The author has materials from various authorities of India, Egypt, Greece. More than Parasara’s treatise, this work laid foundations of Indian Astrology.
      It is the source book that shows the parting of ways from the earlier Yavana (Sphujidhvaja) teachers by nationalising the theories of Satyakirti and others. The author has awarded the earlier theories on the basis of his own vast experience.
      The translation of this greatest work is by a scholar who has done research in Indian and western astrology for nearly six decades. No one can be a good student or practitioner of astrology without mastering this great work.

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