Advanced Predictive Astrology, 2 Volume Set

by Dr S S Chatterjee

      The author himself is a noted scientist and has been able to expel the sway of ignorance and mystification from the realms of astrology through the vast scientific knowledge so that the science and art of astrology can be practiced accurately, intelligently and clearly.
      With incomparable accuracy and lucidity, he has unearthed the fantastic tricks played by fate on man with its magical wand. He leads the ardent readers to the gateway of Name and Fame – which is the cherished dream of many. 21st century will be dominated in terms of creation of wealth by Knowledge Industry. So he discusses the role of planets on one's desire to do well in a foreign land generating happiness and unhappiness in life.
      The author has discussed the role of trikalords which bring sufferings to each individual soul and guides a man how to determine good time and bad time with many illustrations from his own research repertoire. Diseases and ill health are the greatest menace to mankind. Lucid illustrations have shown how the interaction of the planets cause health hazards leading to various diseases. Provided are noteworthy remedies for the concerned natives.
      The wide range of topics covered in these volumes suggests the tremendous insight and study of the author in the astrological profile encompassing the human life in its vagaries and vicissitudes. These books would be of practical help to all the astrologers especially for giving accurate prediction in view of the principles coined in it.

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