Advanced Techniques of Astrological Predictions

by K N Rao

      This book, a compilation of research papers on replicable predictive techniques has been a landmark in the Astrological world. The first edi-tion was sold out in less than a year and a half, testifying to the usefulness and wide acceptance of these replicable techniques. Three notable features of these research papers are:
      They are fundamental, being based on the fundamental principles of classical Vedic Astro-logy.
      They are composite in an innovative way.
      They are multi-data based, leading to an ex-pansion of even a micro research into a macro research at any time.
      This book gives totally dependable and repli-cable predictive techniques which can be replica-ted thousand times with ninety percent or even hundred percent accuracy. A book that must be possessed by any astrologer wanting to hone his predictive tools or enhance the accuracy of his predictions

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