Advance Medical Astrology

by Dr S S Chatterjee

      Advance Medical Astrology is a vital guide for all as how to live with a sound body and mind. In this invaluable book there are food therapy, aroma therapy, colour therapy, herbal cure through homoeopathy, cure through gems etc. according to the planetary position of the native concerned. The advance students of astrology will also find this book very useful in boosting their knowledge bank.
      The book is very brilliant, very stimulating, is a sumptuous meal that will whet the appetites of millions of common men and astrologers for maintaining an excellent health without medicines. It is profusely illustrated with 100 practical horoscopes, which should help the practicing astrologers to predict accurately in view of the latent principles of health and diseases coined by him most scientifically. Mechanisms of ageless living have been provided by the author. It should be preserved in all the libraries of the world and should also find a place in each house in India/Abroad.
      This book has been tailored using multi-disciplinary knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

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