Advance Predictive Techniques of Ashtakvrga

by M S Mehta & Rajesh C Dadwal

      Astrology is a divine science and for accurate predictions grace of gurus and gods is necessary.
      Ashtakvarga is a unique system to assess the strength of Bhavas and planets and provides guidance for giving accurate predictions. For example, a well-placed Sun in the horoscope will take a person to dizzy heights. The person with such a Sun will be a born leader and success would come to him easily. Since in natural zodiac the Sun is Karaka of the fifth house, the house of Poorva Punya, success and high intelligence, it is not possible to achieve high status and success in life without a strong Sun. Similarly a strong Moon will make a person a great humanitarian with interest in public welfare and a great peace of mind. With afflicted and weak Moon a person does not have a proper thinking capacity and is prone to dull and morose life.
      It is only Ashtakvarga that will tell us about the strength and weakness of planets and ultimately the periods of happiness prosperity or turmoil and dejections.
      Great contribution of Ashtakvarga is that it gives at a glance the picture of strength and weakness of the horoscope and provides best guidance for remedial measures.

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