Advance Study of Vimshottari Dasha

by K K Pathak

         Most of the classical texts have been delineating Dasha results as per sign and house occupied by the planets and also as per Karakatwa of the planets. Bhavesha phala of planets and Nakshatra phalas of planets are the two unique specialties of Hindu Astrology which can not be found elsewhere.
         A planet gives auspicious or inauspicious results as per auspicious or inauspicious houses owned and occupied by it. A planet also gives results as per the star ruled and occupied by it in addition to its sign effects. It seems strange that only cryptic references of Bhava-phalas or Nakshatra phalas are available under Dasha-phala chapter of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.
         On the other hand, Sage Satyacharya has made a thorough study of Bhava-lords giving various results as per their occupation of Bhavas in Rashi and Navamsha charts. In this book the author has made successful exposition of basic Dasha rules as delineated by Satyacharya which has been unknown to most of us till now.
         The author has enriched this book by adding his experiences as an expert on vocational and remedial astrology interwoven with his expertise on Hindu Dasha system. This is an historic book from research point of view. It is a modern book as it meets our modern requirements. It gives us hints on jobs suited to us as per our running Dasha. It further suggests remedies to make Dashas more fruitful.
         Transit effects of Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu must also be taken into consideration along with Dasha-phala. Chapter 16 is exclusively devoted to Remedial Measures.

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