All You Wanted to Know about Astrology

by Vijaya Kumar

      Astrology is a philosophy of life. It is a synthesis of science, art and philosophy. It studies the influence of the solar system on various forms of life, and its effect upon human and terrestrial affairs.
      Perhaps the stress and strain of modern-day living leaves you wandering where all this is leading you to. You would love to gaze into the crystal ball and discover how best to turn the hidden world of destiny to your advantage. Since this is not an easy task, here’s a pocket guide which reveals at a glance the science behind the secret.
      This book is by no means an extensive study by any professional. The data provided in this book are gleaned from various books and presented from a layperson’s viewpoint. The book deals with each aspect of the study, point by point, in a simple language, and serves as a ready reckoner for those who have no time to go through heavy, in-depth studies.

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