An Advnced Study of Vimshotari Dasa

under Indian Ephemeris
by R P Singh

      Astrological studies made on the basis of statistical framework of Vedic Astrology plays a very significant role if correct date and time of beginning of a problem is known.
      Vimshottari Dasa plays here a role widely accepted in modern times and the book dealing with its detailed study will go a long way in solving the problems of academic interests with students of Astrology. Dr Singh’s efforts based on his more than forty years of practical experience are summarized in this book that is a great gift to the astrological world.
      Minute calculations of a planet have very significant effect in day to day life of an individual. Although most of the astrologers generally do not take pains to calculate the minute period of planets’ dasa because these are very difficult and time consuming. Yet in today’s computer era, it will be very easy to calculate any planet’s period up to seconds.
      In the present work, modern minute periods of Vimshottari Dasa System have been further divided as Maha Dasa, Antar Dasa (Sub/Inter period), Pratyantara (sub-sub) and Minute (sub-sub-sub)period. There are nine planets containing 81 subs, 729 sub-subs and 6561 minute periods according to Vimshottari Dasa system of the science of Indian Astrology.
      For convenience and quick recapitulation of the readers the works on Vimshottari Dasa are presented in tabulation form. Minute periods up to seconds of each planet has been given in tabular form as a ready reckoner, which is easy to understand at any time of need, day, hours, minutes and seconds. It will be very easy for new entrant besides researcher and experienced astrologers can be benefited exhaustively.
      The book gives new direction to the students of astronomy and Astrologers who are interested to study the Vimshottari Dasa system up to seconds in depth. This work will be very useful for minute calculations and for accurate predictions in day today work.

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An Advanced Study of Vimshottari Dassha under Indian Ephemeris

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