An Astrological Guide to Heal Yourself

by Ada Muir

Herbs, Health Foods and Your Zodiac

      Rediscover an ancient healing tradition and design your personal plan for health.
      An Astrological Guide to Heal Yourself unites two of the Earth's oldest traditions: herb lore and astrology in the modern incarnation.
      A simple and comprehensive guide to manage health at your own level.

  • Learn which specific foods and herbs to take      for your zodiac sign.
  • Discover the healing properties of seventy      herbs.
  • Learn how to prepare teas, tinctures, cough      drops and salves.
  • Treat different emotional and spiritual      conditions with easy to prepare flower and      herbal essences.
  • Learn the proper way to harvest and use 60      different herbs.

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    An Astrological Guide to Heal Yourself

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