An Astrological Mannual for Marriage & Love

by Dr Jaiprakash Sharma
(Lal Dhage Wale)

      Marriage-making, of late, has become quite an impersonal affair. There are a plethora of ‘marriage bureaus’ or institutions that play this role in metropolitan towns in particular and in small towns as well. Gone are the days when the discreet informers used to bring the necessary information about the potential groom and bride. Now it appears quite a simple process: Advertise in the newspapers, meet the party and let the computer do the rest.
      However, despite all the precautions the fact cannot be gainsaid that now we have more broken than successful marriages. It is because no matter how sophisticated be the technical devise, it can’t match the human expertise in judging the two individual’s nature. What is needed is the judicial mixture of the ancient knowledge and the modern technological marvels. Let the computer calculate but allow the ancient gems also to have their say.
      It is with this intension that the present work has been designed. It starts with the astrological parameters to decide the compatibility between the two individuals and goes on to list the choicest aphorisms called from the ancient treatises and horde with the modern social conditions. This book goes beyond the range of marriage and delves deep into the very fount of any marriage: love.
      All the aphorisms that have been culled for this book are those that have withstood the test of time. In order to assert their veracity and efficacy, scores of practical examples have been given.

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