Ancient Vaastu Shastra:

Nine Planets in Human Houses
by R G Rao

      Nothing is new under the Sun. There is a belief among a few that Vaastu and Astrology are different subjects, but they are not. They are like two embodying concept of 'Air' and 'Moisture'. Man, the engineer, constructs millions of houses but he himself belongs to the Tradition of Vaastu and Astrology, as the Vaastu principles are embodied in his body. The principles of Vaastu and the causitivity of planets go together, because God has created the universe under the governing concept of Kaala Purusha and astrologically it has 8 major divisions towards directional aspects that explain the causitivity of planets on each house through Vaastu.
      In this book the author has tried to delineate the beauty and comparability of Vaastu with the human physiology.

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