An Exposition of Divisional Charts (with Tables)

by Er K V Mallikarjuna Rao

      All events can be predicted with the help of relevant charts and other details. The basic chart used is the Rasi chart. Matters relating to co-borns, progeny, spouse and parents can be studied with the help of the Rasi Chart with Drekkana (D-3), Saptamsa (D-7), Navamsa (D-9) and Dvadasamsa (D-12) respectively. In addition other issues can also be studied with the help of other relevant charts.
      Hindu astrology mainly differs from western astrology in divisional chart system. There is practically no divisional chart system in Western astrology. Aspects between the planets in the "Wheel Chart" are mainly considered in western astrology, while the divisions of the rasi along the Rasi Chart are considered in Hindu Predictive Astrology. Of course, transits are considered in both the western and Hindu systems.
      Maharshi Parasara in his valuable work "Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra" dealt on this subject of divisional system in two Adhyayas. However the Maharshi dealt with sixteen divisions only. Other four divisions by name Panchamsa (D-5), Shasthamsa (D-6), Ashtamsa (D-8) and Ekadasamsa (D-11) are also detailed in some other ancient astrological books. In total there are twenty divisions in addition to Nadiamsa (D-150). Nadiamsa is exclusively dealt with in various Nadi Granthas.
      Effort is made in this book to include all the basic and relevant information of divisional charts in this work. The tables appended within the book contain vast information which is not available in any other book so far.

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An Exposition of Divisional Charts

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