An Exposition of Rahu & Ketu

by K K Pathak

      Rahu and Ketu appear to have been subsequent innovations in Astrology. As a result, there is lack of uniformity about Rahu and Ketu amongst astrologers. The author has made an exposition of mysterious Rahu and Ketu in eleven chapters.

      There are books on the subject of the shadowy planets in the market in umpteen number. Nevertheless, most of such books are either simply compilation of the results of placement of Rahu/Ketu or their Vimshottari Dashas along with Raj yogas of bad yogas culled out from various classical text books.

      Here is a complete compendium on Rahu and Ketu by an established renowned Astro-scholar which not only gives the important sayings of almost all classical authors (including Seers, Acharyas & Scholars) but also deals with the subject and results of Vimshottari upto Sub-period or Bhukti level and transit results. The book also provides the philosophical base, rationale and all the principles of timing the events as perceived by our seers using the shadowy planets.

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