An Insight into Astrology

by Rohinidevi Jadeja

      Jyotisha is integrated into Indian culture so closely that the majority of Indians make use of the science in the various activities of their lives, viz., education, occupation, marriage, etc. Astrology has definite rules of interpretation which, when understood properly, can be of great significance in the lives of individuals and nations.      
      The author, Smt. Rohini Devi Jadeja has spared no pains to make available all the information needed to enable one to get a good grasp of the subject.
      The chapter dealing with Destiny vs Free Will gives a clear idea of the various categories of Karma—Sanchita and Prarabdha in indicating future events. The author rightly observes that Sanchita can be partly influenced by human effort, before it transforms itself into Prarabdha.
      The author is to be congratulated on making available, in a simle language, important astrological principles needed to give one a good grounding in astrology.
            ~ Dr. B V Raman

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An Insight into Astrology

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