An Insight into Kuja Dosha

Marital Maladies and Remedies

by Mridula Trivedi, T P Trivedi &
R Asthana

      This book deals with one of the very intriguing and burning aspects of astrology, Kuja or Mangli dosha, which is feared with dreadful consequences by the common man. Kuja dosha is such a conundrum, which has been very fallaciously understood by few astrologers as well. Because of precocious knowledge of Mangli dosha or its erroneous exceptions, innumerable matches for matrimony are wrongly recommended or rejected.
      This book strives to know the veracity of Mangli dosha and move in the right direction. On the basis of study of several thousand cases, the authors have come to infer various facts, hitherto unknown or ignored. There are innumerable findings and observations which reveal astounding facts regarding Kuja dosha (KD). What are the situations when KD becomes ineffective, from where to count KD, how to weigh the intensity of KD and balance in the other chart, which are the planets causing similar ill effects, are all answered in detail. Should Mars in 5th be taken to cause KD, in a female nativity; Jupiter annuls or augments the effects of KD, are some interesting and thought-provoking chapters.
      Very useful part of this book is the research findings on practical case studies where precise results of KD are discussed for Mars in different signs for various ascendants. 126 horoscopes have been illustrated. It has been shown, by examples that Mars dosha may be effective or ineffective. Even when there is Mars dosha and it is not properly balanced in the spouse's chart, when it causes minor disturbances in the married life or when serious maladies, or when it can result in separation, divorce or death, have been shown through practical examples.
      Remedial section of the book deals in detail about the measures to prevent adversities or maladies in marital life. Muhurt, Vishnu Pratima Vivah, mantras, stotras, Vrat, Daan, Gems and remedies from Lal Kitab have been given in detail. Various such measures have been explained and rare stotras have been propounded for the first time in this exhaustive work.
      In short, this book will dispel all myths about Kuja dosha and help one to understand it in its correct perspective, so that no more couples undergo the agony of unhappy marital life due to incorrect and insufficient knowledge about Kuja dosha.

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