An Introduction to Remedial Astrology

by K K Pathak

      An Introduction to Remedial Astrology, in spite of its brevity is quite a useful book for practitioners, learners and scholars as this book comes through the pen of an author who is held to be a leading expert in matters of Remedial Astrology in our country.
      After making a critical evaluation of Astrological Remedies and after discussing utility of gems from astrological viewpoint, the learned author has discussed on Fundamentals of Remedial Astrology which may help one in solving problems relating to any Bhava of Horoscope.
      The author has made a thorough discussion on Remedial Measures with special reference to Vocational Astrology, Economic Prosperity, special combinations and items based on Lal Kitab in separate chapter.
      A study of this book may enlighten life of many persons who feel in dark about their future.

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