Annual Horoscope (Varshaphal or Tajak)

Effective Predictive Techniques

by M S Mehta
Guide & Editor: K N Rao

      Tajak or Annual Horoscope seems to have gained importance in the middle ages, when Muslim invaders made use of it for military exploits, many of them gory, barbarian yet so spectacular as to become historic deeds of cruelties. It is now well-known to many people that Timur; the unconquered military Mongol got his name on astrological basis.
      Students of astrology must remember that the birth horoscope with dashas and Parashari Vargas are the primary data for sound prediction. This should be seen this the annual horoscope and synthesized to resolve contradictions and conflicting interpretations, which can confuse and puzzle many novitiates in astrology. If seen deeply, these are not conflicting indications but differing approaches to interpretations that need to be looked into deeply.
      The value of Mr. Mehta’s book is that it is the only book which shows some methods of prediction from annual horoscope which other writers on Tajak do not even know.       ~ K.N.Rao

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