Annual Horoscopy: Your Future

by M N Kedar

      There are three different systems of Astrology viz., 1. Parasari (as told by Sage Parasara) and the erudite commentators, who have written treatise on Astrology under this system – Varahamihir, Venkatesh Daivagna, Kalyan Verma etc., 2. Jaimini ( a unique system provided by Sage Jaimini) and 3. Tajik (or Varsha Phal) a system propounded by Sri Nilkanthacharya or Kesava Daivagna.
      We have many systems in Jyotish Shastra to know the type of events one has to undergo during a particular year. In this the three systems aforesaid come in handy. While the life events can be ascertained through the first two systems of Astrology, Tajik deals with the events that may occur in a particular year. The construction of an annual horoscope and the results yielded by it are dealt with in this book.
      It must be borne in mind that the annual horoscope in a part of and depend on the Birth Horoscope even though it has independent and elaborate system of prognostication. In order to understand this system, one must have a thorough knowledge of Parasari system of astrology especially the casting of horoscope.
      Matters relating to business, profession, service, transfers, promotions, demotions, health, marriage and progeny can be ascertained through the analysis of annual horoscope.

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