Application of Prasna Astrology

based on Systems' Approach
by Prof. V K Choudhry & K Rajesh Chaudhary

      The author has gained wide recognition as the creator of the “Systems Approach” as applied to the interpretation of horoscopes and divisional charts. The development and use of this brilliant simple technique not only demonstrates the universal application of valid classical principles of Vedic Astrology but also clears up numerous confusions, contradictions and inconsistencies prevalent in the classical literature.
      This has indeed been one of his most valuable contributions to the science of Astrology. To enable the readers to understand the case studies included in this book, the basic concepts and advanced predictive techniques are discussed in the beginning of the book. The significations of planets, signs and houses and the analytical techniques to identify the PRASNA have also been taken up. Application of preventive and curative astrological remedial measures has been discussed.
      The diverse case studies included in the book will enable the readers to comprehend and master the techniques easily.

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