Applied Astrology


by K N Rao & Meenakshi Raut
      Books on applied astrology are few. This is perhaps the first book of its type in astrological literature where actual predictions given in ad-vance have been discussed as case-studies and published in the Astrological Magazine and other astrological journals from time to time. Predic-tions were given which stunned, surprised and silenced such critics of astrology as found it in-convenient to accept that astrological predictions succeeded.
      This book contains individual predictions, monsoon forecasting and new researches; horo-scope studies of Amitabh Bachchan (his accident was predicted), Morarji Desai, K C Pant, Margaret Alva, Dr Nagendra Singh and many more; correct forecasting of monsoons, drought, etc., which are a matter of great human concern everywhere here; interesting researches in Sade Sati—is it good or evil?—clairvoyance and the common astrological factor in mass deaths.

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