A Practical Guide to Hindu Astrology

by Raj K Chadha

      Most of the books on this subject, first describe the attributes of the astrological signs, planets and houses; then deal with the question of interpretation of a horoscope. Other kind of books list a series of dicta or Yogas given by the great astrological seers. In both the cases it becomes difficult to draw any definite conclusions from a chart.
      This is because the results of one planet in a particular sign or house may contradict the results of another planet in a different sign or house. Or conclusion of one dictum may contradict that of the other. This causes confusion in the mind of a reader. He has to consult the book for every chart because it is very difficult to memorize all the results. By studying this type of a book, a reader rarely becomes and astrologer.
      In the author's view, the effect of planets, signs and houses should be seen in a cumulative way. If a reader understands the inherent attributes of the planets, houses and signs, he can use his knowledge and logic to bring about useful conclusions from any horoscope. He would certainly need experience to blend the attributes of the three basic tenets of astrology, but with practice and dedication he can become a real astrologer. It is with this purpose in mind, this book is written.

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A Practical Guide to Hindu Astrology

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