A Scientific Study of Astrology & Allied Subjects

by Asheesh Shah

         This book by a recipient of the Young Scientist Award, will reveal the true nature of astrology against the backdrop of scientific theories and is meant to serve as a bridge between science and astrology.
         The principles of astrology are explained from a scientific point of view, which is easily understandable and digestible. It covers comprehensively all the fields related to astrology like mythology, astronomy and briefly touches upon other forms of fortune telling. It also examines the limitations of scientific theories, from the past to the present. This will enable the reader to go deep into the subject and provide him with a sound base.
         Thus an endeavor is made to present a reliable and authentic reading on astrology with astronomy and scientific notes. Further, various examples are taken to clarify the principles of predictive Astrology. The horoscopes belong to well known personalities from politics, film, cricket, etc. The book can be used as a beginner’s guide, scientific manual or as a reference text to understand and master the subject of astrology.

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