Ashtamangala Prasna: Horary in Indian Astrology

by Prof. N E Muthuswamy

      This is an elaborate and sophisticated methodology of preparing materials and tools for prediction through horary or prasna. The materials for prediction are prepared in the presence of 8 auspicious materials (Ashtamangala) viz. oil lamp, mirror, gold, fruits, palm leaf book, sandal, kumkum, flower. Raw cloth also is added to this. The results in horary are predicted with the help of a horary chart (prasna raasichakra). In Ashtamanagala prasna the raasichakra (zodiac chart) is drawn systematically and is divined by worship. Then in that chart Aaroodha ascendant is marked by divine process. Along with this by using 108 cowries the Ashtamngala number (Ashtamangala samkhya) also is worked out. Based on the ashtamangala numbers that indicate various things the results are pronounced.
      When somebody thinks of conducting a prasna in the most systematic and authentic and divine way, he has to start with ashtamangala prasna only as it is the common prologue for all kinds or Prasnas. After divining the chart, propitiating signs, planets and deriving the Ashtamangala number, the prediction is made according to the nature of different horaries (prasnas). The methodology has been dealt in detail in this book.

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