Astro Business Guru

by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

      Nowadays, because of easy financial support offered by many financial institutions and banks and the availability of necessary infrastructure, more and more people try their luck by entering the world of business.
      It is the stars and planets acting through a birth chart that influence a person to follow a particular trade or line of business. Whether one receives success and prosperity or failure and despondency again depends upon the astrological make up of the person.
      The material the author has planned to give this humble book, will no doubt help astrologers to guide well many budding businesspersons, in their new pursuits.
The book is well planned in a logical manner and various business activities re categorised in order to give a professional touch to the subject.
      Apart from this, the book also contains remedial measures and varied type of tips and information which will help even the existing business persons in their ufavourable times and events.

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