Astrological Applications of Kota Chakra and

Sanghatta Chakra
A Special Technique to Study Transits Causing Arishta
by K K Joshi. Guide: K N Rao

      Planets speak many languages. The language of ‘Chakras’ is one of them. A ‘Chakra’ is a special arrangement or rashis or nakshatras which simplifies the study of transits for a specific purpose. Kota Chakra is one of the several charkras in astrology and it is this Chakra which is discussed in the present book..
      Taking ‘Janma Nakshatra’ as starting point, Kota Chakra is an arrangement of 28 nakshatras in such a way that more sensitive nakshatras are differentiated from less sensitive nakshatras so that effects of transits of planets in various nakshatras on the health and happiness of a person can be properly studied.
      Various aspects of uses of Kota Chakra are thoroughly illustrated with practical examples. Brief summary of the events covered and principles applied is given. in tabular form to give a first hand view of the book to the readers.

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