Astrological Biographies

by Bepin Behari

      “Astrological Biographies” shows that the life of every individual is guided by the same set of stellar impulses and everyone, howsoever eminent he may be, has to bear his own cross. The sorrows and frustrations which invariably accompany every human being are inevitable parts of the process of growth and inner-unfoldment. The life of eminent personalities studied in this work in some degree or more represents the life of the millions who are struggling for more light and greater understanding of their own purpose for existence.
      In a language bereft of any astrological jargon and based on well-researched details of life, the book almost pulsates with the planetary spirit and non-physical influences almost from the very beginning. It uplifts the reader to a radically different realm where there is more of inspiration and less of sorrow.
      These biographical studies discuss the application of basic astrological principles in the case of seventeen eminent persons born in different climes and active in different walks of life.

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