Astrological Counselling

by K K Pathak

       There are umpteen numbers of books in the market in the name of teaching lessons to the astrologers of every stage. There are also umpteen number of books in the market suggesting the readers about the importance of learning Astrology for their benefit and amass enormous wealth by practicing astrology among the common populace of the county. However, there is no good presentation of the astrological material for the common populace as such that can suggest the people how and why the Astro-counseling is necessary in today’s world of specialized environment of service providers.
       In these aforementioned circumstances, this volume not only offers the important insight to all astrologers and scholars but also generates keen interest about the subject in common man. The book is a modern treatise providing the philosophical base, rationale & all the principles of timing the events as perceived by our seers for all important aspects of life with live examples.
       This monumental work of Shri K K Pathak is the outcome of his continuous thing process over these matters coupled with his practical rigorous research work. Such a rare work is not seen everywhere in the world over this most important aspect of Astrology in such a detail.
       Shri K K Pathak is an established Astro-Scholar throughout the world for the last more than 30 years through his valuable books and articles published almost in all important and leading magazines and journals including “The Times of Astrology” and “The Astrological Magazine”. Though he is retired from prestigious Administrative Service of an important State in India, his zeal and enthusiasm to serve the cause of Vedic Astrology remains anybody’s envy. He is the author of several important books in English and Hindi on rare topics and subjects of Vedic Astrology and well received by the readers throughout the globe.

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