Astrological Guidance for Friendship and Profit

by Dr R N Vyas

      This volume focuses on the specific purpose of helping a person, through astrological guidance, to choose the ideal friends and the most reliable partners (for profit in business), in the context of day-to-day interaction and dealing.
      The author begins with a discussion on the current ambivalence towards astrology in the modern scientific era. He asserts that astrology is a science, although its methods and techniques are different from those of the material sciences. The emphasis then shifts to the significance of determinism and freedom in human affairs. The contents then move on to an analysis of the nature of astrology and the relationship between astrology and character analysis. Next, the various effects of celestial bodies such as the Moon and the planets on human character have been detailed.
      After that, numerological devices for determining friendship and partnership have been presented along with certain specific examples; also, the significant features of palmistry have been outlined. The author then highlights the influence of astrology on one's social life and interpersonal relationships.
      The text is rounded off with a birth date guide for developing concrete relationships. The appendices contain certain vital items such as a list of 'everyday favourable times'; a chart depicting the influence of the transit of planets; and the 'method of pyramids' (a method of providing answers to specific questions).

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