Astrological Science for Beginners

by Rasendu Thaker & Lata Thaker

      “What lies in My future ?” and “When will it happen ?” These are but two questions that reside in the mind of every human. And every human ponders upon these questions not being able to reach an answer. Why ? Because they don’t know how to.
      The purpose of this book is to solve this problem. The authors show you how, within a very short time, you can unlock secrets of your future with the aid of ASTROLOGICAL SCIENCE. You will now be able to see your own future from the comfort of your own home.
      Till date many books have been written dealing with Indian Astrology in almost all the Indian languages, but all of them are pretty long winded, often causing beginners to stop after the first chapter itself. This is where the authors hop to make a difference. In this book they have explained Indian Astrology in a simple and clear manner with the aid of tables and diagrams, always keeping in mind the absolute beginner. We have also presented the advanced knowledge required by an astrologer in the same, easy-to- understand fashion. Anyone can pick up this book, and within very short time become a master of his or her own future.
(Condensed from "Introduction")

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