Astrological Science: Your Birthstones and You

by Rasendu Thaker and Lata Thaker

What the Authors say:

      This particular book was written in an unordered fashion before the first book we wrote. Actually, when we started writing the points for this book, we had a strong feeling that this particular book will be the definitive book to help the common person to find out his or her birthstones without going through the trouble of learning astrology or consulting an astrologer. We have a strong faith that our valued readers, with the help of this book, will be able to easily select and purchase their own genuine birthstones on their own, and without the fear of being cheated by anyone.
      In this book we have tried to explain how to find out one’s own birthstones in a very simple and effective way. At the same time we have also mentioned the relevant details that one needs to consider when looking for and buying their birthstone(s). Six different ways to find your birthstones.

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