Astro Ready Reckoner (Lat-Long)

by K Hariharan

      The art of accurate prediction of the nature of events as well as their timing applying the well-tested canons of Jyotisha Sastra or the sublime science of stellar astrology, hinges not only around the erudite knowledge and ability of the practicing scholar but also the accuracy of the horoscope from which the reading sprang. An horoscope, truly speaking, is a symbolic representation of the heavens at any determined moment, date, month, year and place fixed by longitude and latitude on Earth's surface. Such a figure framed for an individual's time of birth furnishes details of all events to be undergone in the course of his life span, a diagram drawn likewise for the moment of commencement of a corporate body portends the prospects in store for that body, a chart erected for a city, state or even a nation shows the impending events that the said city etc. will pass through from time to time, and a map made for any concrete and well-defined query mirrors the accurate future of the matter involved.
      In framing this book, the genuine need of list of all major cities, not only in India but also throughout the world with their geographical latitudes and Longitudes arranged alphabetically country-wise for instant use has been borne in mind.

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