A Text Book of Astrology

by Anil Kumar Jain

      Published by All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies as a text book for the students of their courses of studies, the book contains all the basic information in a lucid, easy-to-understand language in the following 12 chapters:
       1. Zodiac, Signs, Houses & Planets;
       2. Planets and their Characteristics;
       3. Characteristics of each Sign;
       4. Houses: Their Significations & Significators;        5. Casting of Horoscope;
       6. Calculation of Ascendant & 12 Houses;
       7. Calculation of Planet's Longitude;
       8. Casting of Horoscope Lagna & Chalit;
       9. Dasa Paddhati & Predictions;
      10. Divisional Charts;
      11. Planets in Different Houses: Predictions;
      12. Planetary Combinations: Yogas.

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