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This website is created to offer trustworthy and meaningful astrological services to those who are facing various kinds of problems and difficulties and who wish to know whether their problems could be resolved and if yes, when ? It has been proved time and again that only KP system of astrology, propounded by late Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti can offer correct and scientific predictions with high degree of accuracy. It can pinpoint the day and date of the expected event in our lives, like date of marriage, child birth, immigration, employment, promotion, etc.

And our astrologer, Mr. Hasmukhrai J Mehta, having over 15 years of experience and successful practice, is very well versed in the science and art of predictions through KP astrology. Mr. Mehta is now engaged in research work to enrich the knowledge handed down to us by our rishis and the learned wise men of India. He has authored several articles in Gujarati which have been published in leading astrological magazines and Panchanga.

Late.Mr. Hasmukhrai J Mehta

The fact that hundreds of our satisfied consultants in Baroda and surrounding areas visit us again and again and send their friends and relatives to us for astrological consultations is the proof of our good work. Now our services are made available to people worldwide though this website.

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